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There’s this massive stigma right now regarding males and makeup.

But why?

Why should feeling and looking good be limited to a set gender? 

Is it because it’s not ” masculine ” or it’s not manly enough, if you wear makeup you’re instantly a girl ?

We are living in the twentieth century where yes the stigma has become less but it’s still there when it shouldn’t be, there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good in your own skin.

Society tells us its wrong, so therefore it’s automatically wrong? Or are we complying to unachievable standards of a society that strives for the unobtainable standard of perfect. That is really unique to the individual. People are saying ‘that’s not normal’ but let’s ask ourselves, does normal actually exist?

Men walk into the shops with fear of being shunned because they want to buy a new foundation, scared that they’ll be laughed at and humilated, how is that fair?

Makeup shouldn’t be gender specific, and men shouldn’t be laughed at or ridiculed for wanting to feel good.

Women care about their appearance so why cant men?  

When I first told my Mom I wanted to wear makeup I was instantly hit with, ” you want to dress like a woman?” It’s not about dressing like a woman, it’s about having confidence in your own skin, and feeling comfortable with yourself.

As soon as a male mentions about experimentation with makeup, questions are thrown into the air: “oh wow that’s only for girls, isn’t it? Why are you doing it, you’re a man? Are you transgender or something?” People intertwine it with segments of the LGBTQIA+ community, and really it is quite black-and-white. If that person wants to cover their face in makeup and experiment with it, should it really matter their gender, orientation/preference? The senseless questions can cut deeper than people may think; leaving these boys/men  to feel like they must address themselves as a certain title, or be a certain way to do what they want to do. To cut it short-no they can be who they are, and do what they want, to hell with the rest!

People shouldn’t look at it as makeup they should look at it as a skin enhancer and a confidence booster.


I only recently started wearing makeup, I have freckles and I know most of you are sat there thinking ” I want freckles” but honestly I hate them, and when I learnt they could be covered with full coverage foundation I instantly took to the idea, a lot of my family are actually with me on it but my parents completely disagree, my dad doesn’t know and my Mom is worried I want to change my gender.

So please the next time your son, your brother, or your best-friend tells you he wants to wear makeup support him, help him and don’t laugh at him,  because believe me it took all he had to tell you, so the least you can do is understand and be there for him.

Together we can fight the stigma, let’s start by raising the awareness, if you’re a man who wears makeup then get  #meninmakeup trending on Twitter let’s stand together and win the war against the stigma, and if you just want to support the fight then #notjustforwomen, because as a community we can stand together and be proud.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read, Craig XxX